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Grow our Family!

Grow our Family!

Grow our family!

Introduce somebody new to us and earn up to R5000,00 in rewards!

If the introduction leads to a sale, the referee will earn:

  • XG - R1000,00 in store credit
  • Sportster® - R2000,00 in store credit
  • Softail® - R3000,00 in store credit
  • Tourer - R4000,00 in store credit
  • CVO™ - R5000,00 in store credit

T's & C's:

  • The referral must not be in our current database
  • A bonafide purchase of a motorcycle must occur in order to qualify for the reward
  • A motorcycle purchased as part of a national scheme or as a result of discounting, trade-in over allowance or any other special pricing will not qualify
  • Only motorcycles purchased as MSRP will qualify
  • Rewards not redeemable for cash
  • Rewards can be spent on anything in store
  • New motorcycles only
  • Offer valid until 31st August 2019
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