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​The Heritage Softail® Classic – Beauty and Beast merged into one!

10 July 2017

​The Heritage Softail® Classic – Beauty and Beast merged into one!

The Heritage Softail® Classic – Beauty and Beast merged into one!

My name is Ash and I'm the lucky lady that takes care of the marketing for H-D® Tyger Valley. I also get to ride these amazing motorcycles sometimes!

After 2 years of admiring the iconic looks of the Heritage Softail® Classic motorcycle, I finally got to take it for a spin! There were a few questions that I had on my mind before taking it on the road: 1. Will the saddle bags affect my riding confidence at all? 2. Will I be comfortable lane-splitting with a bike that is wider than I’m used to? 3. Will I be able to effectively manoeuvre such a large motorcycle out of my garage? (Pulling bikes out is a complicated task with my driveway having strips of sand and a large drain).

I’ve got to ruin the suspense and tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed riding the Heritage! Here’s why: the first thing I noticed when I pulled away, was that I had barely started to release the clutch and the bike was already moving forward. I’ve always felt that the Heritage looks like a typical cruiser and also looks quite bulky, but I was taken completely aback at the power coming from its engine. I had no trouble overtaking at all!

This was also my first time riding a motorcycle with a windshield, and it makes a massive difference. Not just in cutting out wind force, but when I rode into work after heavy rains on the Friday morning, the windshield was covered in a fair amount of mud, which means my jacket and helmet weren’t – that’s a great bonus! (Check out my muddy boots).


As for lane splitting? I am always careful and didn’t take any unnecessary risks. I had no issues getting through traffic and I found that other road users heard the Screamin’ Eagle® pipes as I came up behind them. Another great moment was when I discovered that I was able to get this beast out of my garage the next morning because the bike is quite low to the ground, allowing for a very solid footing as I pushed it back.

My only issue now, is that riding with saddle bags has forever changed my riding perspective… I didn’t have to wear my uncomfortable backpack AND I was able to get some shopping done! Saddle bags are my new favourite “thing”!

Overall opinion? An exceptionally comfortable motorcycle, solid power from the engine and all the necessary comforts for a long cruise. This bike has won my heart!

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