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No ordinary brand!

03 June 2019

No ordinary brand!

It isn’t just any ordinary brand. It isn’t your average riding club.

This is Harley-Davidson®. This is family.

There's more to the Harley-Davidson® brand than meets the eye, it’s a feeling of being connected with each and every other rider; on and off the bike.

We aren’t just a riding group gunning it down long straights and knuckle whitening bends, we are a family. As all clubs do, we ride together on a regular basis but one factor makes a massive difference between bikers and other road users – we ride for one another. Our brothers, sisters, best friends, loved ones, as well as partners, we’re on the road with them and for them.

Many people mistake Harley-Davidson® riders for the biggest and baddest gang members on earth when in actual fact it’s the polar opposite! Yes we do look rather intimidating and scary (only a select few) but we’ve got some of the biggest hearts around town.

From fundraiser events to fundraising rides and just all-round fun, we know how to do it all! Regular ride outs keep the “family” feeling strong simply because we dedicate the time to being in each other’s company, not only getting to know one another as a fellow riders but also as a companions or close friends. If the ride outs aren’t enough fun for you, we know how to throw pretty cool parties! The H.O.G.® family is always ready to get down and have a fun night. Monthly Socials (as they’re called) are held at the respective dealerships (different H.O.G® Chapters are affiliated with different dealerships.) And who wouldn’t want to have a fun time with your riding family off the bike too?

As we said, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to not only Harley-Davidson® but also its beloved family members, so why not come down to our dealership and see it for yourself? 

Experience pure joy and an electric feel when you step inside the dealership. We can assure you - you won’t regret it!

- Dylan Visser (H.O.G.® Tyger Valley Liaison & Merchandise Assistant) 

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