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“Help, I’m about to become a biker!”

09 May 2018

“Help, I’m about to become a biker!”

“Help, I’m about to become a biker!”

So, you or your significant other has decided to delve into the big bad world of biking and now it’s up to you to fit in and look the part! Sure, the thought of becoming a biker conjures up thoughts of leather pants, beer bellies, beards and more. BUT, we promise – it’s not all like that! 

Before wondering whether you’ll fit in with the “crew”, turn your attention to the safety aspect of your image. Nothing is more important than ensuring your safety on the roads. Luckily, the Harley-Davidson® riding gear and general apparel will ensure that you can do this tastefully. There’s no need to break the bank by purchasing an entire new wardrobe just yet. Here are 3 essentials that every new rider needs before getting behind the bars of a bike:

  1. Helmet.

We cannot stress the importance of the quality of your helmet enough. All H-D® helmets are now ECE approved – this means that they are tested according to European safety standards which are the highest safety standards in the world! Once you’re inside the dealership, our MotorClothes® team will help you find a fit and style that you love.

  1. Riding Jacket.

Good to note, all H-D® riding gear is also CE approved so you really can’t go wrong when choosing a jacket to keep you safe and looking great on the road! Whether it’s a summer mesh riding jacket, or all leather – you can rest assured that your safety is being provided for. 

  1. Gloves.

Having a great set of gloves doesn’t just provide protection for your hands, but also helps to offset the cold when riding. Having your hands exposed while riding can lead to vulnerability when gravel/ bugs etc. hit them at high speed, and trust me, that can be pretty painful! We’d recommend keeping gloves in your top 3 purchases after buying your bike. 

Now that you’re geared up, there are a few things to be expected that you don’t realise until you get on a bike. Let me give you the head’s up and save you from learning the hard way!

1. Helmet hair is a real thing! From being flattened on top, to long hair knotting in the wind – be prepared! You won’t look the same after travelling on a bike. How to handle it? Long hair can be plaited to minimise knotting. H-D® headwear can also help to hold shape under your helmet, and if all else fails and your hair doesn’t play ball, pack in a cap that you can use to hide your hair disaster as soon as you step off your bike!

2. Exposed skin can get burned really badly with riding even a short amount of time in the sun. Keep an eye out for wrists, rips in your jeans, exposed ankles and your neck. Be sure to apply sunblock to areas that may catch a few rays as you ride.

3. The down side of an open face helmet with no visor: whether you’re travelling at high or low speed, keeping your eyes free of bugs, stones, dust and high wind speeds are a vital part of not only enjoying your ride, but getting to your destination safely. Make absolutely sure that you have either goggles or glasses if you’ll be riding without a visor.

Now that the basics are covered, you’re ready to start your journey as a biker! Remember that if you need any advice, information, gear or a great cup of coffee, we’re open 6 days a week and are waiting to assist you in your journey to joining the biker community! 



Merchandise Manager, Harley-Davidson® Tyger Valley

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